Bluestone lab goes to Tahoe

April 2019

With bright skies, warm sunlight, and fresh snow, it's the perfect weekend to go to Lake Tahoe! The group spends the weekend skiing, snowboarding, and hiking. 

(Clockwise: Alyssa, Tiffany, Lilian, Ben, Shen, Jackie, Ryan, Sean, Dan, Fred, James, Mike, Caro, Jen, Steph, Arabella, Morvarid, Sadaf, Linda)











Chef Sadaf takes a quick break               

after prepping vegetables for the

group's dinner. Her secret ingredient?

Lemon pepper!


Shen vs the Steak

(spoiler: steak lost)














The Big Game: Cal vs. Stanford!

December 2018

At the most anticipated football game of the season, it's time to take sides. Judging from the overwhelming gold and blue, the majority's choice is clear: Go Bears! Although Cal is ultimately defeated (13-23), everyone rallys with school spirit in the brisk winter air. They are also joined by some familiar faces! 

(From left to right: Fred, Greg, Linda, Stephanie, Jee, Tiffany, Dan, Julian, Michel, Arabella. Not pictured: Shen, Ben)








Jee and Tiffany flash their rally sign